Plant and machinery

We put our technology and machines at your disposal through the best experts.

Printing machines

We have an automatic Densitronic system for the total format of the printing sheet, enabling us to maintain the same intensities throughout the print run, as well as retaining the ink type for subsequent publications.
1 KBA 162 Rapid (120x160) 4 inks
1 KBA 162 Rapid (120x160) 6 inks + hybrid coater (fatty inks and UVI)(tintas grasas y UVI)
1 Heidelberg Speed Master (72x102) 5 inks + acrylic varnish
1 KBA-PLATE (100X140) 1+1 inks

Binding machines

We have various options and machines for binding your project, covering the entire process.

Folding and  sewing machines

1 MBO 142
1 MBO 112
1 MBO 78
2 Asintronic 180


MM Monostar 3016 
(20 + 1 estaciones)
Petratto Córdoba 3
Zechini corte frontal
Trilateral Müller Martini Merit S

Sewing machines

KOLBUS para tapas
Prelinea para pegar guardas y refuerzo
MM DIAMANT para entapar
Trilateral Müller Martini Merit S


1 Scheneider 155HS LINE
1 Wohlenberg 165

Our facilities

We put our 5,000 m2 of strategically located space at your disposal to bring your project to fruition quickly and efficiently.

We advise you and adapt to your needs

Contact us at

We offer customized 360º graphic printing solutions so that you can delegate the entire production process, from prepress to logistics.
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